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For blockchain projects 
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Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic

Our Services

Blockchain Hub Prague is a business incubator that helps new and startup blockchain projects to develop by providing software engineering services, management training, and office space.


Smart contract creation, testing, and auditing.


App developers, design experts, and scalable archituctures.


Game theory analysis on token value, utility, and usage.


Business plan documentation, development, and copywriting for blockchain-native applications.


When moon? When Binance? Yesterday.


Advisors in engineering, legal, finance, HR, and business management.

Member Startups


ICO, Jan 2018

Decentralized open innovation platform and integrated marketplace.

Intelligent Trading Foundation

Token Sale, Sept 2017

AI, TA based trading strategies and risk managemet services for digital currency trading markets.

New Life


Futurist community for art, fashion, and new economy, built on Web3 tech.

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Services for ICO developement and launch: starting at $80k. Applications for startup incubation and private investment: FREE.

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